Photo of a cell phone tower


Frequency Sensitivity

Electromagnetic frequency sensitivity (EMF) is becoming a significant health problem for a small portion of the population. The entire population is being bombarded by electromagnetic fields due to the increasing use of cell phones, microwave ovens, smart meters, WiFi routers, and Bluetooth devices. For genetically susceptible individuals, this can create a variety of vague neurologic symptoms that can be disabling in certain patients.

It is important for EMF sensitive patients to understand that their bodies cannot tolerate the electromagnetic fields they are exposed to due to genetic susceptibilities. In addition, these patients have an elevated total body burden of a variety of environmental xenobiotics. The management of these patients is based on reducing the EMF in their living environment as much as possible, undertaking mitigating measures, and lowering the total body burden of any concurrent xenobiotics present in the system.

EMF sensitive patients will need environmental laboratory evaluations to assist with optimization of their specific individualized treatment protocol. This will potentially include nutritional supplements, intravenous therapies, and dietary measures.